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There should also be a responsible person or group within this component to assure the terms and terminology are used consistently by all parts of the company. This includes keeping track of all document changes and getting these changes into use as quickly as possible.


All activities within each component of the company should be diagrammed, illustrated and documented. The activities should be designed and implemented to work within the component as well as facilitate the exchanges, interactions and hand-offs from one component to the next.


This work starts with a clear and complete assessment of the overall company’s current technology environment and future needs based on the company’s strategic plans. A review of what is in place and an itemization of what is not in place is required to develop a gap analysis which is then used to develop a strategic plan and tactical plans. These documented plans, with timelines, in conjunction with the company’s planned annual net income streams will provide all parties with a clearer picture of their current capabilities and future requirements.